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When you sit down, your body weight compresses the soft tissue on your buttocks and thighs and you get very poor circulation in the butt and legs! That's why you become so uncomfortable when you have to sit for more than an hour. Cellular waste products are building up in the blood in the soft tissues causing pain!

Best Seats Truckers / Travelers Cushion
For thousands of years, until Best Seat's patented Computer Controlled Pressure Management, (CCPM Technology), was invented, no seat has ever improved your lower body circulation while you sit!

See the moving illustration below to understand Best Seat's revolutionary contribution to good circulation, which equals blessed relief from so many circulation related illnesses. Read our customer testimonials page to discover how they found pain Relief and Comfort without pills!

Until you have sat on a Best Seat “Alternating Pressure” cushion for a few hours, you wont know how good you can feel withy good circulation!

No air, gel or foam can match THE BEST SEAT for comfort because they are NOT active. They do not move under you like THE BEST SEAT. Passive cushions do not spread the pressure equally. They cannot relieve pressure completely for three minutes like THE BEST SEAT and they cannot protect and comfort you like THE BEST SEAT

True comfort, Healthy Circulation! No unhealthy Side effects!

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Medical Disclaimer:
The Alternating Pressure seat cushion product is designed to increase seating comfort and promote circulation by it's "Active Massage" capabilities.
This product is not designed to diagnose or treat any specific medical problem and has not been tested by the F.D.A. Testimonials on this site are actual customers experiences, in their own words, used by permission.  Your results may vary.
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